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Santa Maria (Deluxe Collection)
Artist: Tatjana
Release Date: 1/13/13
Price: $5.99

This was released worldwide a bit earlier this year and features various remixes of the hit songs from over the years. The most interesting one is probably the Delaction remix, though it’s disappointing that it’s only the radio edit.

01. [3:21] Santa Maria (Mike Stock & Matt Aitken Radio Edit)
02. [4:46] Santa Maria (Wah-Hey Mix)
03. [5:54] Santa Maria (Harry Ola Mix)
04. [5:51] Santa Maria (Harry Ola Instrumental)
05. [5:22] Santa Maria (Euro Remix)
06. [5:11] Santa Maria (Euro Remix Backing Track)
07. [5:11] Santa Maria (Euro Remix Instrumental)
08. [6:24] Santa Maria (Ee Legal Mix)
09. [7:26] Santa Maria (Y & Co Mix)
10. [3:54] Santa Maria (2003 Radio Version)
11. [7:10] Santa Maria (Lady Botox)
12. [3:18] Santa Maria (Delaction Remix)
13. [2:16] Santa Maria (Dynamite Euro Mix)

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  1. shawaazu Says:

    Wow, even the Dave Rodgers Eurobeat remix is on this, kinda surprised it’s so short, must be an edit of it cause the one on the Ultra Parapara CD nonstop is 4 minutes long

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