Vibration All Stars – Supereurobeat Vol. 36-39 – Digital Downloads

Artist: Vibration All Stars
Price: $8.99 per album; $1.29 per track

Volumes 36-39 of LED’s Supereurobeat series have finally been released to iTunes this March. I was starting to think Luigi Stanga would never get around to releasing the rest of the catalogue, but with these four releases I believe all of LED’s Eurobeat songs are now available on iTunes. Vol. 36-38 are primarily composed of tracks that were licensed to FARM for their Eurobeat compilations, as well as tracks from EMI’s Natsu Monogatari series. Many of these tracks have been available for quite a while on Juno Download. However, there were two tracks from Natsu Monogatari 2009 that have never been available for purchase. Until now.

That’s right, Supereurobeat Vol. 39 features the digital debuts of both “Destination to Desire” and “Good Night Tokyo,” the final two songs released by LED Records/Vibration. They’re listed under different artists than they were on Dancemania, but they’re unmistakably the same tracks.

Also noteworthy is “Re-light My Fire” on Vol. 38, which I always forget is an LED track. It appeared on Happy Paradise 2 but apparently has never been released digitally, either. Good on LED for remembering to release it.

I’m glad the entirety of LED’s catalogue is now available, but it seems somewhat bittersweet because there’s an aura of finality surrounding their release. It’s as if we can never again expect anything new from LED. 🙁

Full list of available albums and Dancemania-related tracks after the jump.

Supereurobeat Vol. 36

Supereurobeat Vol. 37
Bambino / Maria Short (Dancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2007)

Supereurobeat Vol. 38
Chemical Love / John Desire (Dancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2007)
Lucky Boy / Elisa (Dancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2007)
Music in the Night / Vibration All Stars (Dancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2008)
Wings of Fire / John Desire (Dancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2008)
Re-Light My Fire / Rossella (Happy Paradise 2)

Supereurobeat Vol. 39
Love Me Queen / Jimmy Bravo (Dancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2008)
El Sonido del Diablo rmx / Torero Sombrero (Dancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2008)
Destination to Desire / Divina (Dancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2009)
Good Night Tokyo / Vibration All Stars (Dancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2009)

10 Responses

  1. Vincent Says:

    I hope they release the remix of Misa’s So So (LED Extended Remix) on iTunes.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    The extended remix of “So So” also ends with a fade-out instead of a proper cold end. That’s actually one of my biggest pet peeves with a lot of LED’s extended versions. -_-

    I’d assume LED don’t have the rights to release it, but then again they somehow released their remix of “My Heart Will Go On.”

  3. Vincent Says:

    There is one song I’m curious about. In their Classical Medley there is a march they included but I don’t think they released as digital download.

    I know because all of their classical songs they have released as digital downloads. Even the last song in the medley which is actually the instrumental version of Samantha Soul’s “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”. I wonder if that march is only made of that medley.

  4. DanceMaster Says:

    Ah, the medley was commissioned specifically for Best Classics 100 Trance. LED most likely cobbled together the tracks they did from classical Speed, put in 2-3 new tracks, and called it a day. They probably never went ahead and made full versions of the new tracks.

  5. Vincent Says:

    Ok there is one song that LED hasn’t released yet. And that is G-Men ’75 by Violent String Ensamble from Speed Deka. I searched everywhere for the complete version but can’t find it anywhere.

  6. DanceMaster Says:

    That was one of the last songs that LED added to their Juno catalogue a few years back. I think they literally forgot about it until someone reminded them:

    It’s listed under Hardcore Synth Orchestra for whatever reason.

  7. 134217728 Says:

    Thesse items is LED’s final releases of Supereurobeat series.But following songs were lost,so they haven’t appeared so far.

    Me And My/Maria Short (VIB.146)
    Fly/Dee Dee (VIB.148)

  8. Mark Says:

    Is it just me or is there some missing album compilations as I noticed the iTune store is missing the Supereurobeat Vol.26,32 and 33

    Were they available before?…

  9. DanceMaster Says:

    Those are still up, but they’re listed under Various Artists instead of Vibration All Stars, which might be why you’re not seeing them. Just search for the titles.

  10. Mark Says:

    Thanks! I have no idea they are listed differently. 🙂

    I am trying to complete the collection and those are the one missing.

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