Disko Warp presents Hardcore Advance – Final Release Info

Disko Warp presents Hardcore Advance ~Nonstop Hardcore × Hyper Techno
Release Date: 3/15/2013
Price: 12 USD

Disko Warp’s latest release will be a non-stop mix CD in the vein of Dancemania Speed. And just like Dancemania these days, it’s all repeats! Kidding aside, there are actually 4 new songs, including a 2013 update of “Lolitabot.” That explains Lolitabot’s appearance on the cover art, illustrated once again by Chevi. Other new tracks include remixes by Francisco Gaitan and J-Mi & Midi-D, plus a new Initial P production. The rest of the track list includes some of Disko Warp’s biggest hits, as well as remixes by DJ Command, Honmax, and others.

A physical CD is available for $15, and includes downloads of full-length tracks. Otherwise, the digital version of the non-stop mix is $12.

01. Hardcore Advance Intro / Initial P
02. Lolitabot 2013 / Initial P feat. Lolitabot
03. Space Space Shooter (Cusimo & Co. Remix) / Kick & Punch
04. Light My Gasoline (Initial P Hardcore Remix) / Initial P feat. Laura Chick
05. Less Than Three (James Rize Remix) / Becky
06. I Wanna Be a Ninja (Francisco Gaitan Remix) / Becky
07. Me or Susan? / Initial P feat. J-Mi
08. Don’t Don’t Go Away (Hardcore Saves the World Remix) / Foxxie
09. UFO Catcher / Initial P
10. Don’t Have My Baby (Chris Jay Remix) / Peroxide Mocha
11. Kiss U-Kiss Me / Initial P feat. Laura Chick
12. Erotic Chemistry (Hyper Techno Ver.) / Vandalet
13. Text Me Too Much (Honmax Remix) / Lucky Princess
14. Crazy For Your Fire (Hyper Techno Ver.) / Initial P feat. Vandalet
15. Coffee & Cream (J-Mi & Midi-D Remix) / Aulette
16. Touch Me Twice / Bonnie Maxx
17. My Name Is B.E.C.K.Y. (“Horror Line” VIP) / Becky
18. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (JUSTiNB Remix) / Fright Ranger
19. Werewolf Boyfriend (AKBK “DJ Command” Remix) / Fright Ranger
20. I Love You Goodbye (Speedy Mix) / Sonatia

(*Sequence subject to change in final mix)

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  1. Doc-S Says:

    Thought you’d like to know.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    Thanks, I’ll have a post on it and some other doujin releases soon. The major labels are basically dead, but it’s great to see the indie scene thriving.

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