Beast Beats – Final Release Info

Beast Beats
Release Date: 5/1/11
Price: 500 yen

It’s RTTF week here at Dancemania EX, where I’ll be placing a spotlight on the indie/doujin Japan label, RTTF.

RTTF’s second release was a bit more experimental. DJ Hyuji’s own description describes it as “Club × Orchestra × Ethnic Music.” The opening track is a perfect example of this, being a mish-mash of speed trance, tribal beats and orchestral sections. Meanwhile, the title track, “Beast Beats,” sounds like a lost Re-Venge track for you DDR fans out there, while the similarly palindromic “Xotic Toxic” also has an ethnic feel.

Note that if you order the CD, 100 yen will be donated to WWF Japan, which is pretty cool. And just to be clear, we’re talking about the World Wildlife Fund here, and not the wrestling federation now known as WWE.

You can visit RTTF’s official website for a crossfade demo. If you’re interested in ordering, DJ Hyuji speaks English and is willing to ship overseas. You can contact him here: Just make sure to turn your ad blocker off if you have one installed, otherwise the form won’t appear.

01. Huge Frontier (RTTF Revolution Remix)
02. Desert Mirage
03. Red Leaves (Stone Edge Mix)
04. Beast Beats
05. Xotic Toxic
06. Earth Heart

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