Vocal Vitality – Final Release Info

Vocal Vitality
Release Date: 4/30/12
Price: 1429 yen

It’s RTTF week here at Dancemania EX, where I’ll be placing a spotlight on the indie/doujin Japan label, RTTF.

Vocal Vitality is a special release from RTTF featuring vocal tracks only. The highlight of the album, at least for Dancemania Speed fans, is easily the new Nancy and the Boys track, “Shine a Light on You,” which also features a rap from Sami. I wish Nancy got a few more lines to sing instead of just repeating the same thing over and over again, but it’s a fun, original tune.

Another guest DJ on the album is DJ Genji, who contributes a fun hardcore song, “Promise.” Meanwhile, the fastest song on the album is DJ Hyuji’s “Stars,” which comes in at 180 BPM and features the lovely vocals of Sanahara.

Also of note is the funky “Miami Booty” song, “Sweet Chocolate.” Hyuji captured the Dancemania Bass sound perfectly. And much like a Dancemania album, Vocal Vitality unfortunately has some repeats. “Night Queen” is a straight repeat from Classical Candy, while “Feel the Sky” from Classical Candy 2 is labeled here as “Ver1.1,” though to be honest I can’t really tell the difference. ^^;

You can visit RTTF’s official website for a crossfade demo. If you’re interested in ordering, DJ Hyuji speaks English and is willing to ship overseas. You can contact him here: http://rttf.eternalbreeze.net/contact.html Just make sure to turn your ad blocker off if you have one installed, otherwise the form won’t appear.

01. Shine a Light on You / Nancy and The Boys feat. Sami
02. Promise / DJ Genki feat. yukacco
03. Stars (Full Throttle Speed Mix) / Hyuji feat. Sanahara
04. Life Is Game / Hyuji feat. MC Stone
05. I found the love / Sound Dice feat. Cocoa*
06. Feel the Sky (Ver1.1) / Hyuji feat. Emyuu. & Tadashi Yamamoto & MC Stone
07. Sweet Chocolate (Miami Booty Mix) / Aquarestaream feat. kei_iwata
08. Night Queen / Hyuji feat. Emyuu.
09. Sunadokei / II-L feat. amelie

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