Run to the Future 2 – Final Release Info

Run to the Future
Release Date: 4/30/12
Price: 800 yen

It’s RTTF week here at Dancemania EX, where I’ll be placing a spotlight on the indie/doujin Japan label, RTTF.

Quite a bit of epic trance on the follow-up to RTTF’s first release. This 2-disc set is separated into a “Ground Shake Side” and a “Mighty Wings Side.” There’s a pretty good mix of epic trance, J-core and electro spread across the two discs.

Notable tracks on disc 1 include heric’s chiptune song, “Bittune Space,” and the epic trance masterpiece from Yunyun, “Archiving the memory.”

Disc 2 starts off with 4 J-Core tracks ranging from 167-175 BPM. Takahiro Aoki’s “Break Out” is the best of the bunch, with a really catchy melody and great hardcore sound. Disc 2 also has some EDM/electro tracks for fans of those genres.

You can visit RTTF’s official website for a crossfade demo. If you’re interested in ordering, DJ Hyuji speaks English and is willing to ship overseas. You can contact him here: Just make sure to turn your ad blocker off if you have one installed, otherwise the form won’t appear.

Disc 1 – Ground Shake Side
01. ReTain the Future / Kazewara
02. Stand By / Tosh
03. TechnoLogico / Maya Akai
04. Archiving the memory / Yunyun
05. What Lies Ahead / Bee.Bee.
06. Bittune Space (Original mix) / heric
07. Cock (Original Mix) / Thanatos
08. Last Day / RedOgre
09. Demise of Life / Anki
10. Signam Axis / Odikonic

Disc 2 – Mighty Wings Side
01. Galdust Million / Shou
02. Take You Hit / fang
03. Break Out!!! (Original Mix) / Takahiro Aoki
04. Genesis / Luna
05. Future Fantasy / Hyuji
06. Parencis. / kurom
07. Altair / a_hisa
08. Freeway / nepica
09. Don’t Wanna Be / Yami
10. alone sing in the night (mmaki-electro mix) / Ark-Z a.k.a. Momoaki
11. Ama no Ne -amanone- / T-Effect

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