RTTF Remixes – Final Release Info

RTTF Remixes
Release Date: 10/28/12
Price: 1000 yen

It’s RTTF week here at Dancemania EX, where I’ll be placing a spotlight on the indie/doujin Japan label, RTTF.

RTTF’s latest release, featuring remixes of RTTF tracks! East meets West on the lead track, as prolific UK hardcore producer, Jakazid, provides a remix of Hyuji’s “Huge Frontier.”

Maya Akai gives one of my favorites, “Archiving the memory,” a hot new J-core sound, while Tomohiko Togashi and Takahiro Aoki provide remixes for songs by the Exit Trance artists, MK and Hommarju. “Dies Irae” turned out great, but I feel that too much of the original melody was lost in “Jupiter.” Speaking of Hommarju, he appears on the album with a hardcore remix of RedOgre’s “3rd Raid.”

You can visit RTTF’s official website for a crossfade demo. If you’re interested in ordering, DJ Hyuji speaks English and is willing to ship overseas. You can contact him here: http://rttf.eternalbreeze.net/contact.html Just make sure to turn your ad blocker off if you have one installed, otherwise the form won’t appear.

01. Huge Frontier (Jakazid Remix) / Hyuji
02. Archiving the memory (Maya Akai Remix) / Yunyun
03. Stand By (Hyuji’s Flight Remix) / Tosh
04. TechnoLoid (Luna Remix) / Maya Akai
05. Sunadokei (Yamajet Dreaming House Remix) / II-L feat. amelie
06. Drifting (Yunyun the Sky House Remix) / Yamajet
07. Jupiter (Tomohiko Togashi Remix) / MK
08. I found the love (Shouya Namai Remix) / Sound Dice feat. Kokoa*
09. kindly breeze (Hyuji’s Summer Party Remix) / Tadashi Yamamoto
10. TechnoLogico (heric’s “Chip’in Future” Remix) / Maya Akai
11. Night Queen (Anki’z Hardstyle Remix) / Hyuji feat. Emyuu.
12. The 3rd Raid (Hommarju Remix) / RedOgre
13. Requiem K.626 Dies Irae (Takahiro Aoki Remix) / Hommarju
14. momiji / Tadashi Yamamoto

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  1. Doc-S Says:

    A bit late but Shouya Namai is SHO-YA from Exit Trance.

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