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Jyounetsu no Kanata / Dance Pop Girls (Single)
Artist: Dance Pop Girls
Release Date: 6/22/11
Price: $1.99

Interesting release from 2011. It features two songs from a Japanese girl group, Dance Pop Girls, but the interesting thing is that the single was released worldwide. Plus, both songs were produced by Akiba Koubou producer, Tsukasa “Rayto/Tks” Baba. Because of Rayto’s involvement, the songs have a fun rock/eurobeat sound. The single is available on iTunes as well as lots of other digital download services.

01. [5:03] Jyounetsu no Kanata
02. [3:52] Dance Pop Girls
03. [5:03] Jyounetsu no Kanata (Instrumental)
04. [3:49] Dance Pop Girls (Instrumental)

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