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Super Best Trance presents X’mas Trance – EP
Release Date: 7/24/13
Price: 450 yen

What better way to celebrate summer than with an X’mas Trance EP? This one mostly has songs that appeared on the Cyber Trance presents X’mas Trance series. For some reason it also has a cover of Blondie’s “Maria,” which is apparently a Christmas carol now?

Anyway, this is the last of the SBT EPs released on July 24th. It remains to be seen if Avex will keep this up and release more SBT EPs in the future.

01. [3:04] White Christmas / Orion Too feat. Caition
02. [4:12] Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / D-Nation feat. Kim
03. [5:30] My Love, Santa Clause / Cyber X feat. Jody Watley
04. [4:09] It’s Christmas Carols I Hear / Cyber X feat. Swank (Members from Rockapella)
05. [4:21] Maria / DJ Kaya feat. Keen

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  1. Doc-S Says:

    There’s a reason I’m not buying these, as Avex clearly don’t give a crap about their customers.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    Hmm, I’m curious what you’re referring to? I was under the impression that all of iTunes Japan is DRM free now, though I don’t know what the bitrate is currently (I’m assuming still 256kbps). And I forgot to mention it, but the EPs are also available on Mora for the same price, in 320kbps AAC.

  3. Vincent Says:

    The bitrate is still 256kbs. Don’t know what DRM is, what bugs me the most of Japan iTunes is te protected ACC files.

  4. Doc-S Says:

    I meant Avex chucking out repeats even on EPs. I mean c’mon that is pretty bad cheap of them.

  5. DanceMaster Says:

    Ah, yeah, that was BS. They could’ve at least put the Delaction remix of Santa Maria instead.

    By DRM (digital rights management), I was talking about the copy protection, which I thought they got rid of when they moved everything over to iTunes Plus.

  6. shawaazu Says:

    Yeah they got rid of DRM, all my recent SEB purchases from iTunes Japan over the past year or so have been DRM free.

  7. Doc-S Says:

    iTunes doesn’t state any more if songs are Plus or not.

  8. DanceMaster Says:

    I just double checked, and Japan switched everything over to iTunes Plus last year (for comparison, the US made the switch in 2009, lol). From Wikipedia: “FairPlay DRM-protected music was still available in the Japanese iTunes store, up until February 22, 2012, when they upgraded to the iTunes Plus model.” If you previously purchased a non-Plus file from them, it might be possible to redownload it at the higher quality, but apparently in Japan this is only possible if you sign up for iTunes Match, which is a paid subscription service.

  9. Doc-S Says:

    Paid subscription service?

  10. DanceMaster Says:

    Sorry, I was mixing up iTunes Match with iCloud. iCloud is free, and allows you to redownload files you previously purchased. If you have a file that isn’t Plus, it might be possible to download it as a Plus version, depending on if the record label gave Apple access to a higher quality master.

  11. Doc-S Says:

    You don’t need iCloud to re-download previous purchases.
    You can just access them through your normal account.

  12. DanceMaster Says:

    When you redownload, you’re technically downloading it from Apple’s Cloud service (which is why the icon looks like a cloud, I guess). Apparently before they introduced iCloud you had to re-purchase stuff o_O

  13. Doc-S Says:

    Oh right. I never tried before Cloud was created to say for certain then.
    Still, there isn’t way to tell if a song is in high quality or not.

  14. DanceMaster Says:

    iTunes Plus is the default in Japan now, so all songs since 2012 should be 256 kbps and DRM free. I never bought any non-Plus songs from there, so I can’t say for sure if redownloading them will get you the higher quality versions.

    Interestingly, I did try deleting a song from an album no longer available for sale, and was still able to redownload it.

  15. Vincent Says:

    How did you redowload a song from a album that wasn’t available anymore?

  16. DanceMaster Says:

    Well, I tried it on “Du-Du Di-Da” from Premier Euro (which, in hindsight, was probably a stupid thing to do, lol). I deleted the file from my iTunes library, then when I went to my Purchased page I clicked on the download icon and it redownloaded the file. I guess as long as you previously purchased an album it’ll always be available for download off the cloud, though it probably depends on the album.

  17. skibblesx Says:

    ugh is there ANY possible way to get these? I really want all of these, especially the overhead champion ones

  18. DanceMaster Says:

    TBH, these weren’t really that great to begin with. Most of the tracks are still available on Mora on the SBT 10 digital release:

    You’ll have to get them for 154 yen each as there’s no option to buy the whole album (so 4312 yen for all 28 songs), but that’s basically the same price per song as the EPs.

    Only the following are unavailable on the SBT 10 release:
    – Yesterday (Ovrar Dance Pop Mix)
    – Koi no Maiahi (DJ Kaya & DJ Kousuke Remix)
    – Ass Up! (DJ Ten Remix) (Note: The 2006 remix is on SBT 10)
    – All of the OHC EP, except for Be the One
    – Before After
    – All of the X’Mas Trance EP, but that one is useless anyway since the CDs had full versions to begin with, and the Keen EP is still available.

    So, yeah, the OHC EP is the biggest loss, especially since some of the tracks never even appeared on the vinyls.

  19. skibblesx Says:

    Sigh, thank you for the updates and links. I REALLy just want Pitch! 2007 and Be the One. Otherwise I’m lucky and have vinyl rips of most of these songs (Especially Ass Up DJ Ten Mix)

  20. skibblesx Says:

    Just a dumb idea and I probably shouldn’t solicit the idea here but if someone has Pitch! 2007 extended then I will trade with you! I have tons of stuff I could offer 🙂

  21. DanceMaster Says:

    Pitch 2007 (Extended Version) is available on

    Or on Recochoku:

    Doc-S posted a website before that sells prepaid Recochoku cards:

  22. Vincent Says:

    Ass Up! (DJ Ten Remix) can be still found on iTunes under the Ass Up! single I think. But it is called “DJ Ten Party Mix”, I’m not sure if they are the same remix or not.

  23. DanceMaster Says:

    The one on that single is 5:12, which probably means it’s the “2006 DJ Ten Remix.” The one on the SBT EP was 6:45, and I believe is the original mix from SBT IV. I don’t really remember what the difference was between the mixes, though.

  24. skibblesx Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for giving me a link for Pitch! 2007! I managed to snag, it!

    Im willing to share if anyone wishes c:

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