K-Pop Party Mix Best ~Best of K-Pop Cover Selection~ – Pre-release Info

K-Pop Party Mix Best ~Best of K-Pop Cover Selection~
Release Date: 9/4/13
Price: 1886 yen

Wow, it’s been a while since the last release in this series, K-Pop Party Mix III in March 3, 2012. The K-Pop boom in Japan appears to be fading, and how does Japan celebrate a fading boom? With a Best mix, of course! There will be new tracks, however, including the debut of “Gangnam Style” to the series. There’ll be 50 tracks on the final list.

01. Gangnam Style (org: PSY)
02. Gentleman (org: PSY)
03. Fantastic Baby (org: Bigbang)
04. Crayon (org: G-Dragon)
05. Gotta Getcha (org: Team H)
06. Catch Me (org: Touhoushinki)
07. Mr. Taxi (org: Shoujo Jidai)
08. What’s Your Name? (org: 4Minute)
09. Sexy, Free & Single (Org: Super Junior)
10. Gee (org: Shoujo Jidai)
11. Warrior (org: B.A.P)
12. Mister (org: Kara)
13. Tonight (org: Bigbang)
14. Kuriunnare (org: Choushinsei)
15. I’ll Be Back (org: 2PM)
16. Good Day (org: IU)
17. Shock (org: Beast)
18. I Am the Best (org: 2NE1)
19. Bo Peep Bo Peep (org: T-ara)

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