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Agepoyo Party J-Pop Covers
Release Date: 9/4/13
Price: 600 yen

Digital EP featuring full versions of J-Pop covers from Agepoyo Party Mix. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the full-length version of Delaction’s “Butterfly,” and I’m starting to wonder if it’ll ever be made available. 🙁

Available on iTunes Japan.

01. [3:25] Poi Poi Poi Po Poi Poi Po Pii / DJ Agepoyo meets Okayu
02. [3:52] Fantastic Baby / DJ Satoshi + Mai Hirose
03. [3:56] Banzai / Ainyan
04. [3:15] Joyful / Syuri
05. [4:25] Memeshikute / Adio
06. [2:22] Sunny Day Sunday / Syuri
07. [4:24] Be Together / Okayu
08. [3:58] Koi no Uta / Mai Hirose
09. [6:03] Wow War Tonight ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement~ / DJ Satoshi with Shachou
10. [5:02] Yellow Yellow Happy / Ainyan

Pre-order at CDJapan.

3 Responses

  1. Vincent Says:

    Well judging from the title it says J-Pop and Butterfly isnt J-Pop

  2. Doc-S Says:

    Delaction songs barely ever get full releases.

  3. Komoguri Says:

    Delaction’s version of Butterfly is nothing home to write about since it wasn’t that great to begin with. Only their more popular songs are available in complete form. Just sayin’

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