Super Euro Smash Vol. 5 – Final Release Info

Super Euro Smash Vol. 5
Release Date: 12/30/13
Price: 952 yen

The fifth release in the Super Euro Smash series was released during Comiket 85 late last year. For some reason it’s not even listed on A-One Record’s website.

01. Overwrite / Aki
02. Change the World / Nagisa
03. Father / Koshida “Rute” Ryuuto
04. Cross in Love / Hanatan
05. Sniper Love / Rosie
06. Last winter love / Erotan a.k.a. H+ero
07. Believe yourself / Sanae
08. Vanish into the Darkness / DJ Kazma
09. Special Megamix by DJ Mocchi

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