Raver’s Nest 1 Toho Rave Party – Final Release Info

Raver’s Nest 1 Toho Rave Party
Release Date: 8/12/13
Price: 1429 yen

From the makers of Juliana’s Toho comes this new series which also features hyper techno remakes of Toho songs. This one’s a non-stop mix, though there was a bonus CD released with extended versions of all the tracks.

01. The Future Raver’s Nest One
02. Yes, Brand New Rave! / katsu feat. Momiji Yamamoto
03. Alien Dance / Masayoshi Minoshima (ALR)
04. Moco-7 / sumijun
05. Friends / FN2 feat. Misato
06. Suwako is Dead / Redalice
07. Believe in the light / Elementas feat. nene
08. Paranoia / FN2 feat. Hanatan
09. Virtuous suicide / DJ Command feat. peRoco.
10. Throw off disguise… / katsu+sumijun feat. Koshida “Rute” Ryuuto
11. Paranoia (DJ katsu Club Edit) / FN2 feat. Hanatan

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