Vocal Rhythm – Final Release Info

Vocal Rhythm
Release Date: 4/27/14
Price: 1000 yen

Spring M3 2014 is almost upon us, and I thought I’d devote a week to doujin dance releases. First up is a vocal dance album from MUZZicianz Records, which is headed by Takahiro Aoki. There are quite a few genres represented on this album. As listed on the website: Hardcore / Electro / Dubstep / ROTTERDAM / Speed Dance / Breakcore / Eurobeat. Standout tracks include Takahiro Aoki’s own “Time 4 Dance” as well as Hyuji’s Saifam-style “You Are the Reason” (which J-Trance fans may remember covers the same song as “Reason” by Lovers).

MUZZicianz Records has no less than 4 albums coming out during M3. There are samples of the other 3 albums on their official blog. Crisis Force 2014 sounds amazing if you’re familiar with shmups, while Happy Swing! inexplicably includes another cover of “Reason.”

01. G3nD3r-1D3nT1Ty (R4D10-3D1T) / II-L
02. Don’t go / nyaskomet
03. Keep’n Moov’n (Extended Edit) / Takahiro Aoki
04. Don’t give up (Short Version) / ShumaX
05. 303 on the wall / Bee.Bee.
07. The Road / T.K.SHINOZY
08. Keep’n Moov’n Breakcore Alliance / Redogre feat.nanata
09. Starry Sky / uma feat.Kasane Teto
10. Time 4 DANCE (Short Mix) / Takahiro Aoki
11. You Are the Reason / Hyuji
12. Once Upon a Time / Relect & KO3

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