Exit Tunes presents Actors 2 – Pre-release Info

Exit Trance presents Actors 2
Release Date: 9/17/14
Price: 2500 yen

Seconds release in the Actors series, which features popular voice actors singing Vocaloid songs. This one is a two-disc set, with disc 1 featuring Vocaloid covers while disc 2 is a drama CD. Featured actors include Ryouta Oosaka, Kenn, Kenshou Ono, Kousuke Toriumi, Tetsuya Kakihara, Hikaru Midorikawa, Shou Hayami, and Shintarou Asanuma. Visit the official website for more info.

Disc 1
01. Ama no Jaku / 164
02. Remocon / Jesus (Wonderful Opportunity!)
03. Lost One no Goukoku / Neru
04. Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei / Nem
05. Renai Yuusha / Last Note.
06. Boku wa Hatsune Miku to Kiss o Shita / Mikito P
07. Over Technology / YM
08. Dr. Realist / cosmo @ Bousou P
09. Just Be Friends (Piano Version) / Dixie Flatline
10. Toluthin Antenna / Lettuce P
11. Tensho Gakuen Kouka

Disc 2
01. Drama Part

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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