Host Collection presents Champagne Call 2014 – Final Release Info

Host Collection presents Champagne Call 2014
Release Date: 8/27/14
Price: 2500 yen

New CD+DVD set from Avex featuring songs that are popular in host clubs. Unfortunately, no eurobeat or trance in sight, so I’m gonna be lazy and just copy and paste the track list from the official website.

1. ??????????D’collection
3. ???H to R
4. Still in my heart?rhy.A.ra
5. ?????!!?FIRE BOYS
6. Dear ??????????I’s
7. ?????????
8. ???????KINGDOM
9. Miss you?Nagami Maya feat. ?? ??
10. Merry?YASU
11. Happy White Bells?CLUB PRINCE
12. You & I?I.N.G

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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