Music Situation CD vol. 2 “Venomania Kou no Kyouki” -Actors Another Side- – Final Release Info

Music Situation CD vol. 2 “Venomania Kou no Kyouki ~Kimi to Miru Meimu~” -Actors Another Side-
Artist: Ryoutarou Okiayu
Release Date: 10/15/14
Price: 2000 yen

The Music Situation series will feature voice actors from the Exit Tunes presents Actors series performing dramas based on Vocaloid songs. The featured voice actor on this volume will be Ryoutarou Okiayu, and the inspiration will be mothy_Akuno P’s “Venomania Kou no Kyouki.” Check out the official site for more info.

01. [9:13] Arashi no Yoru no Niizuma
02. [5:30] Miryou Sare Nai Onna
03. [11:10] Sutesatta Kako
04. [8:50] Todomara nu Mugen no Jouyoku
05. [8:28] Kari Hajime no Libido
06. [7:03] Mayonaka no Ansatsu Sha
07. [1:31] Okiayu Ryuutarou Cast Comment
08. [1:26] Venomania Kou no Kyouki -Kimi to Miru Meimu~ Main Theme

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