RTTF Remixes 2 – Final Release Info

Leaving Leaves
Release Date: 10/26/14
Price: 1000 yen

The autumn M3 event took place last weekend, and DJ Hyuji continued his prolific year with the release of two new albums. The second, “RTTF Remixes 2,” features new remixes of RTTF songs. Guest remixers include Jakazid and Shoujo from the UK as well as Francisco Gaitan from Argentina.

If you order both albums, you get a special bonus disc featuring additional songs and remixes.

01. Feel the Sky (Yamajet Downright Happy Remix) / Hyuji feat. Emyuu. & Tadashi Yamamoto & MC Stone
02. I found the love (Francisco Gaitan Remix) / Sound Dice feat. Kokoa*
03. Green Leaves (Shoujo Remix) / Hyuji
04. Red Leaves (Jakazid’s Boshed Out! Remix) / Hyuji
05. Drifting (Hyuji’s Go Back to the 90’s Remix) / Yamajet
06. Collou (ginkiha Artcore Remix) / Freezer
07. Starlit Sky Stories (Yunyun from the Abyss Remix) / Yamajet
08. Sunadokei (kamome sano remix) / II-L feat. amelie
09. Huge Frontier (Flying Kite Remix) / Hyuji
10. amanone -galaxia- / Yooh
11. Fomalhaut (Maya Akai Remix) / Sound Dice
12. Over the Nebula (Shion HandsUp! Remix) / BlackY
13. Yume Kui Baku wa Ryuusei ni Notte (Chroma Remix) / Ponkichi
14. Miracle Chipstars (Be:LuckY Remix) / BlackY

RTTF Bonus Disc 2014
01. Yume Kui Baku wa Ryuusei ni Notte (matra magic Remix) / Ponkichi
02. Sentiment Leaves / Shiron
03. Red Leaves (Stone Edge Mix) / Hyuji
04. grow up to the sun / Tadashi Yamamoto
05. Miracle Chipstars (Chroma Hard-Gochapon Remix) / Saiph

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