Party Animal – B.A.D – Digital Downloads

Release Date: 9/24/14
Price: 900 yen

New EP from Party Animal, which is basically DJ Tora and four dancers. The first EP was released under FARM Records, but this one is being released by DJ U*Hey?’s new label, Star Music. Also includes a new remix of “One Chance?” by Turntable Junkies, which DJ Kaya is a part of.

01. [2:45] B.A.D (Vocal Radio Edit) / Party Animal
02. [3:37] B.A.D (Vocal Extend) / Party Animal
03. [2:45] B.A.D (Blow.Addict.Drift) [Radio Edit] / Party Animal
04. [3:37] B.A.D (Blow.Addict.Drift) [Extend Mix] / Party Animal
05. [3:50] One Chance? (Turntable Junkies Remix) / Party Animal
06. [4:07] Party Animal (Mega Mix) / Party Animal
07. [3:59] B.A.D (Video) / Party Animal

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