Toho Speed 03 – Final Release Info

Toho Speed 03
Release Date: 12/29/14
Price: 1429 yen

The third release in the Toho Speed series from Lila’c Records. Mostly speed trance and drum ‘n’ bass, but it sounds like there’s some Eurobeat in there as well, which makes sense since I see sumijun from Akiba Koubou listed in the credits. Released during Comiket 87.

01. 4th Radiance
02. Other place
03. Red 4 Speed (R-work)
04. non stop love
05. Roar
06. white out
07. Color Me Rad (Toho Speed Remix)
08. Kill DJ (Toho Speed GT Spec)
09. with God (Feather Remix)
10. Jue (Vocal Version)
11. Burns down
12. D-E-T [Type Strawberry]

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  1. Doc-S Says:

    I’ve listened to every sample of these albums and this one has the least trance. Mostly dubstep and eurobeat.

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