Kantai Zensoku! Trancetic Euro – Final Release Info

Kantai Zensoku! Trancetic Euro
Release Date: 8/15/14
Price: 1000 yen

From the makers of Kankore Eurobeat comes this new series of trance x eurobeat arrangements of KanColle themes. The minimum BPM is 175, so it might be interesting to Speed Trance fans.

Available digitally on DLsite.

01. Trancetic Euro de “Hiryuu no Hangeki”
02. Trancetic Euro de “Kantai Kessen! (Nanpou Kaiiki Kyoushuu Teisatsu!”
03. Trancetic Euro de “Chinjufu no Gogo”
04. Trancetic Euro de “Daigo Sentai no Shutsugeki”
05. Trancetic Euro de “Tetsu Soko Kaikyou o Nukete!”
06. Trancetic Euro de “Sakuteki Ki, Hakkan Hajime!”
07. Trancetic Euro de “Kekkon Kakko Kari”
Bonus Track
08. “Kantai Zensoku! Trancetic Euro” non stop mega mix

2 Responses

  1. skibblesx Says:

    end this while we can

  2. Doc-S Says:

    I still detest eurobeat, no matter how much it tries to involve trance.

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