Raver’s Nest 3 Toho Rave Party – Final Release Info

Raver’s Nest 3 Toho Rave Party
Release Date: 8/16/14
Price: 1429 yen

The third release in the hyper techno Toho remix series.

01. The Future Raver’s Nest Three
02. Everyday Everynight / katsu feat. Domino Amayado
03. Kirisame Magic / FN2 feat. Hanatan
04. Alien House / Masayoshi Minoshima (ALR)
05. silvery white / LAN.na + FN2 feat. nachi
06. Truth / Elementas feat. nene
07. flower in floor / sumijun
08. Go Go Lucky Star / DJ Command feat. Erotan
09. Tabatha / DJ Command feat. peRoco.
10. Kirisame Magic (DJ Katsu Club Edit) / FN2 feat. Hanatan

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