Exit Tunes presents Numbers – Pre-release Info

Exit Tunes presents Numbers
Release Date: 6/3/15
Price: 2300 yen

Well, this is an odd theme for a Vocaloid release. Every producer featured on the album has a number in his or her name. Expect artists like 164, 40mP, 150P, Deco*27, and more. Bonus items include a smartphone sticker. Visit the official site for more info.

01. Streaming Heart / Deco*27
02. Torinoko City / 40mP
03. Ama no Jaku / 164
04. 4 ji 44 fun / 164
05. Da Vinci no Kokuhaku / 666
06. Electro Saturator / tilt-six
07. Deriheru Yondara Kimi ga Kuta / Nanahoshi Kangengakudan
08. Yotsuya-san ni Yoroshiku / Eight
09. Kazemachi Hello World / add9 (Heli P)
10. Chocola to Inseki / monaca:factory (10 hi P)
11. Rosette / monaca:factory (10 hi P)
12. Cherry Hunt (tWoluz edition) / kanon 69
13. Million Dollar Dreamer / kanon 69
14. Junjou Skirt / 40mP
15. Kanzenhanzai Love Letter / 150P
16. Zairai Heroes / 150P
17. Antibeat / Deco*27

Pre-order at CDJapan.

6 Responses

  1. Doc-S Says:

    They’re really running out of ideas now.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    I’d make a joke about Exit Tunes presents Letters, but I don’t want to give them any more ideas.

  3. Doc-S Says:

    They seem to have gone mad with their home page design too. It doesn’t even look like a record label any more.

  4. DanceMaster Says:

    Oh, wow. Either it’s just a weird promotion for the new Majoko album, or its their April Fools joke.

  5. Doc-S Says:

    I’d go with the promotion. Since they don’t do April fools jokes much that I remember.

  6. Doc-S Says:

    It’s changed back now.

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