FlyMe project – “Drink Me” – Final Release Info

“Drink Me”
Artist: FlyMe project
Release Date: 4/1/15
Price: 2600 yen

New project from Exit Tunes, featuring a “band” composed of voice actors. Each CD will feature original songs as well as drama tracks. This one has a pop sound. Visit the official website for more info.

01. [3:29] Waku Doki*Wonderland
02. [4:26] Melon Soda Kyuujoushou
03. [3:29] Waku Doki*Wonderland -instrumental-
04. [4:26] Melon Soda Kyuujoushou -instrumental-
05. [6:25] Shiritai Koto, Shiranakute Ii Koto
06. [6:56] Omoidasu Koto, Omoidasenai Koto
07. [5:30] Drink Me no Nichijou ?
08. [3:12] Drink Me no Nichijou ?

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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