Speed Star 2 – Final Release Info

Speed Star 2
Release Date: 4/26/15
Price: 1500 yen

RTTF Records is back this Spring M3 with a sequel to last year’s Speed Star release. The first was a fantastic mix of hardcore, speed trance, and euro speed, and the sequel looks like it’ll bring more of that speedy sound that mainstream labels no longer cater to. With BPMs ranging from 170 to a staggering 238, and genres like “Dancemania Space,” “Celtic Waltzcore,” and “Astrologic StarShoot,” there’s bound to be plenty of variety. Guest artists include Daniel Seven from Italy and UK hardcore artist, Shoujo.

The album will be available as a two-disc physical release during M3-35, but presumably it will also be made available digitally at a later date.

01. Shironagastarjet / Ponkichi
02. Yoru no Delusion / Makkachin Kikaku feat. LIQU@.
03. Star Prism / a_hisa
04. Falling from the sky / ginkiha
05. Twinkle*Popstars / Saiph
06. Midnight Run / Shoujo
07. Space Bubblegum Academy / StackStorm
08. Ryuusei*Splash Coaster / Luna
09. Milky Way / Hyuji feat. AIRI
10. CosmoS / Ujico*
11. astronauts / kamome sano
12. Tsubasa Brave / red glasses feat. Akinari
13. Kira Kira Hitotsu, Tenohira ni / Umeboshi Chazuke

01. #nanairo_ginga / BlackY
02. Starlit Highway / Shiron
03. Tsubetai Misshitsu to Hakase Tachi no Fuyajou / Ayatsugu_Otowa
04. Lunatic High / Procyon Knights Project
05. Réalta na leanaí / uma
06. Sagittarius -Code:Accelerate- / Zodiac region
07. Lunar Twinkle / Daniel Seven
08. Untitled Track / nora2r
09. Capella / Yooh
10. Voyage to the Universe / Xen
11. Yozora no Hajimaru Hasho / FIG
12. Asteroid Tail / wishpÊr
13. sink to the deep sea world / Kuroma

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