Flower Garden – Final Release Info

Flower Garden
Release Date: 4/26/15
Price: 1000 yen

A second release from RTTF Records during this year’s Spring M3-35 event. This one features a flower theme, with tracks evoking a feeling of spring. A lot of variety here, with genres ranging from trance to house. Track 4 is easily my favorite, with its fusion of Japanese instrumentation and a fresh dance beat. No word yet on when/if the album will be available digitally.

01. Sunshowers / T2Kazuya
02. Hydrangea / Kurubukkochan
03. Botan / Harunaba
04. Hyakka Sakigake to Shiro Dokkuri / Ponkichi
05. My Spring / matra magic
06. beginning / Yunyun
07. Sunnyday / Yamajet
08. Floating Flower / Hyuji
09. Looking for silence (Extended Edit) / Takahiro Aoki
10. Liebe Berta / kuroburger
11. Black Lotus Girl / Yunyun
12. Amaryllis / Ujico*
13. from innocence to decadence / Flying Kite
14. Kuroyuri / Penoreri feat. Rei -zero-

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