Dancemania Springs 2

Dancemania Springs 2
Release Date: 4/10/16
Total Length: 1:19:42

Happy 20th anniversary, Dancemania! It’s been 20 years to the day since the first release in the series, and while the series hasn’t been too active in recent years the great memories will always remain. Thanks for the music that always kept my spirits up!

Unfortunately, it looks like Universal won’t be releasing an anniversary CD any time soon. Instead, celebrate with a fan mix I did a while back that features the best in bubblegum dance pop. A play on the Summers/Winters series, Dancemania Springs 2 is a bubbly mix of artists like, Me & My, Bambee, and E-Rotic, with some Almighty thrown in for good measure. Apologies in advance for the amateurish production; I originally just did it for something to listen to during my commutes. ^^; If you’ve been following me for way too long you’ve probably already heard it 😉

Also a quick reminder that a special, unofficial 20th birthday event will be held in Japan today:

01 – Hooked on a Feeling (Dreamworld’s Extended “Uga Cha Ka” Mix) / Tiggy
02 – Pain in My Heart (KCP Original Re-Edit) / Carina
03 – Never Give Up (Demo Version) / Pandora
04 – Magic Love / Me & My
05 – Happy in Love /
06 – Cinderella / Papaya
07 – Paradise / Bambee
08 – Little Kitty (Longhorn Dance Mix) / Creamy
09 – Little Kitty Mine (“Na Na” Re-Edit) / Ni-Ni
10 – Teddy Bear / Papaya
11 – Halfway Around the World (Almighty Definitive Mix) / A*Teens
12 – Senorita (Dance Mix) / Jenny Rom
13 – You Are My Dream (X-Man Extended) / Bambee
14 – Banzai (TO-SK + Apogeous Extended) / Misa
15 – When My Baby (Almighty Extended Remix) / Scooch
16 – Nights in Heaven – Days in Hell / Missing Heart
17 – Knock Knock /
18 – Fly High (Club Mix) / Me & My
19 – Missing You (Extended Version) / E-Rotic
20 – Against All Odds (Definitive Mix) / Deja Vu feat. Tasmin

7 Responses

  1. Doc-S Says:

    Someone recently did the same for Exit Trance with a Complete Best 3.
    Always nice to see.

  2. golden_egg Says:

    OMG so great tracks!!
    always so nice to see people celebrating aniversaries…
    it’s kinda sad that the official CD’s not released (or so at the moment), but we should never forget the high spirits!

    lots of love from Japan
    P.S. the birthday event was really WONDERFUL

  3. kaz Says:

    Cool, I follow your blog since 2010, reading your reviews, even for the new announcements, and also it’s really see a Dancemania fanmade mix, also grabbing for listen later. -also I’m planning upload a Happy Hardcore mixtape with Dancemania SPEED tracks :D-

    Ouw, random question… Any chance to listen Dancemania SPRINGS 1?. Anyways, thanks for keep the Dancemania spirit!

  4. Vincent Says:

    It looks like Speed Italy is releasing classical songs under the name Speedorchestra. The first remix is Radetzy March

  5. Vincent Says:

    It looks like Speed Italy from Saifam is releasing classical songs under the name Speedorchestra. The first remix is Radetzy March

  6. Vincent Says:

    You can preview the remixes here.

  7. skibblesx Says:

    I made these two megamixes of Speed Italy songs in pretty much chronological order. and a good chunk are classical speed

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