Upcoming Quake Singles (July 2008)

Koi no Saison / Caramelldansen

Koi no Saison / Caramelldansen (Single)
Artist: Fruits
Release Date: 7/16/08
Price: 1200 yen

01. [3:24] Koi no Saison / Fruits
02. [4:27] Yume ~Shunpuu Manpon~ / Midori
03. [3:14] Natsu / Miyu
04. [4:24] Namiageha / Nina
05. [4:46] Winter Plan / Megumi
06. [3:24] Koi no Saison (Karaoke) / Fruits
07. [2:54] Caramelldansen / Fruits

Lucky Girl

Lucky Girl (Single)
Artist: Miki Matsuzawa
Release Date: 7/16/08
Price: 1200 yen

01. [3:22] Lucky Girl (Ryu* Happy Hard Core Remix)
02. [3:44] Lucky Girl (Original Mix)
03. [4:58] Lucky Girl (B.U.S. Remix)
04. [7:06] Lucky Girl (N.O.-SYO Remix)
05. [6:06] Lucky Girl (DJ Shimamura Remix)
06. [3:45] Lucky Girl (Inst)
Enhanced CD Contents
01. Lucky Girl (Promotion Video)

Quake Records will be releasing two new singles this summer under the sub-label, Generator Tunes.

The Fruits single is noteworthy because it includes a Japanese cover of the song “Caramelldansen,” complete with misheard lyrics.
Fruits Official Site

Meanwhile, I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the remixes of “Lucky Girl” may well end up on Hime Trance Speed. The DJ Shimamura remix is quite catcy, so I’m hoping it does make an appearance.
Miki Matsuzawa Official Site

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