Piano Dance 2 – Final Release Info

Piano Dance 2Piano Dance 2
Release Date: 12/17/08
Price: 2400 yen

A second album already?! O_O The original Piano Dance came out earlier this summer and was a surprise hit on iTunes. Both Piano Dance releases feature piano house covers of popular tunes as well as original songs. You can hear samples of The Standard Club’s work on their MySpace page. Really outstanding stuff if you’re a fan of piano house.

01. [3:37] Energy Flow
02. [5:07] Viva la Vida / featuring Machi Okabe
03. [5:08] Hope / featuring Love Divinity
04. [5:19] I Remember
05. [4:36] Kimi o Nosete
06. [5:49] Diamond Dust
07. [6:08] Deep Blue
08. [5:23] Rain After the Dance / featuring Love Divinity
09. [6:01] Eternal Quarrelling
10. [4:54] Kaze no Toori Michi
11. [6:34] Again / featuring Love Divinity
12. [5:04] Sensitive
13. [4:13] Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

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