Lolitabot – Lolitabot (Single)

Release Date: 12/08
Price: $3.96

A new single from Disko Warp Records, who collaborated with the team for “Doki Doki.” “Lolitabot” has catchy lyrics and a really strong, memorable synth hook. However, like a lot of hardcore these days, there’s a little too much emphasis on bass for me. Hardcore fans will love it, though, so if you’re in to the genre then do yourself a favor and check out the Initial P remix at the very least. Myself, I wish they had included a slower dance remix akin to what Saifam usually does for Jenny Rom songs.

Digital downloads now available at CDBaby.

01. Lolitabot (Initial P Remix)
02. Lolitabot (Disko Warp Radio Edit)
03. Lolitabot (Disko Warp Extended Mix)
04. Lolitabot (Acapella)

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