Exit Tunes presents Tecktonik Best – Final Release Info

Tecktonik BestExit Tunes presents Tecktonik Best
Release Date: 4/15/09
Price: 1905 yen

Quite a few Working BGM Electro House repeats. Nothing particularly interesting, at least not to me.

01. [3:28] One Desire (Mondotek Remix) / Jakarta
02. [2:42] Where’s Your Head At (Club Remix) / Jean Elan
03. [2:57] Don’t Stop (Sutassi Tonik Extended Mix) / Hardrox
04. [2:54] Rhythm of the Night (PH Elektro Remix) / Verano
05. [4:26] The Bomb (These Sounds Fall into My Mind) (Electro Mix) / Sunrider
06. [2:51] De Janeiro (S&H Project Remix) / R.I.O.
07. [4:59] Children (Club Mix) / Dave Darell
08. [2:37] Right on Time (Club Mix) / S&H Project
09. [1:12] Summer of 69 (Hi-Tack Remix) / Topmodelz
10. [4:55] Are You Gonna Go My Way (PH Elektro Remix) / Kato feat. Ian Dawn
11. [2:02] All the Things She Said (Dave Ramone Remix) / DJ Gollum feat. Scarlet
12. [4:13] Diskoschlampe (Digiwave Remix) / Akustikrausch
13. [4:05] Silver Surfer 2009 (Cyrus Remix) / Dave Darell feat. Hardy Hard
14. [2:46] Youth of the Nation (Fox 5 Bigroom Remix) / Pulsedriver
15. [0:21] Don’t Stop Push It Now (Bigroom Mix) / Dan Winter
16. [2:50] I Believe (Danny Wild Remix) / De-Grees
17. [4:05] Nie Wieder (Aboutblank and KLC Bigroom Electro Remix) / DJ Phil
18. [1:43] Pitchdown (S&H Project Remix) / Lowrider
19. [2:31] Mohicans (Classic Mix) / Trancecore Project
20. [4:27] I Kissed a Girl (PH Elektro Remix) / The Real Booty Babes

Pre-order at CDJapan.

4 Responses

  1. DJ Tomoe Says:

    I’m also tired of seeing I Kissed A Girl and All The Things She Said again,and again,and again.

  2. Nomake Wan Says:

    The first time I saw those two on a CD was Working BGM Electrohouse… so at least personally, I wouldn’t call that “again and again and again.” Now, Caramelldansen and Everytime We Touch on the other hand…

    I’ve preordered this CD, it looks like it’ll be awesome for my daily commute.

  3. DJ Tomoe Says:

    I wasn’t talking just about this album.
    They’re in a lot of electro and dance compilation series. D:

  4. Phlogistique Says:

    Tecktonik is a French dance, which has been very hype for the last like two years, but wich is very unpopular among general population (who thinks it’s ridiculous). It looks a bit like para para but without choreography.

    Surprised to see that in a Japanese CD.

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