Dragon Quest Best Dance Mix ~Extended Mix~ – Digital Downloads

Dragon Quest Best Dance Mix ExtendedDragon Quest Best Dance Mix ~Extended Mix~
Artist: DragonFly
Release Date: 7/8/09
Price: 1800 yen

Released to capitalize on the debut of Dragon Quest IX. This digital only release features extended versions of the songs from Dragon Quest Best Dance Mix, with songs ranging from approx. 6-9 minutes. The total length of all the extended tracks is about an hour and nine minutes, which means they would’ve fit onto the CD in the first place.

You can get the digital only album from iTunes or Musico.

01. [6:30] Jokyoku (Extended Mix)
02. [6:34] Bouken no Tabi (Extended Mix)
03. [7:12] Elegy (Extended Mix)
04. [6:31] Dungeon (Extended Mix)
05. [6:51] Sentou no Theme (Extended Mix)
06. [6:12] Level Up (Extended Mix)
07. [6:40] Oukyuu Rondo (Extended Mix)
08. [8:50] Kaizu o Hirogete (Extended Mix)
09. [8:20] Ozora o Tobu (Extended Mix)
10. [6:05] Soshite Densetsu e (Extended Mix)

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