Disko Warp presents Speedisko Vol. 1 – Final Release Info

Disko Warp presents Speedisko Vol. 1Disko Warp presents Speedisko Vol. 1
Release Date: 10/09
Price: $7.92

The long-delayed Speedisko Vol. 1 finally makes it debut. If I remember correctly there was supposed to be a cover of “Never Gonna Give You Up,” but it looks like it didn’t make it.

Anyway, Speedisko Vol. 1 is supposed to be the first in a series of Disko Warp compilations. One of the highlights of this first volume is an excellent, new Cusimo & Co. Speedy mix of “Lolitabot.” I was lukewarm to the original speedy mix, but this remix is absolutely perfect. The incredible Ricardo Autobahn remix of “Sexy Vampire” also makes an appearance, albeit in radio edit form.

There’s supposed to be a collaboration with Magic Hammer, which I assume is track 2 since it’s the only eurobeat song on the album. I wish the vocals were a little clearer, but the synthwork is top notch. I’m also quite partial to “UFO Catcher,” a catchy new instrumental song by Initial P.

The single is available on Amazon and iTunes.

In related news, Disko Warp are currently running a karaoke contest with some great prizes, including copies of Happy*Core Speed and Happy Core*Speed ~Mikoshi Trance~.

More details on how to enter can be found at their website: http://www.diskowarp.com/contest.php The deadline to enter is January 15, 2010.

01. [3:50] One Two Three (You Love Me) / Lydia Nurbs
02. [3:52] Diablo Girl / Vandalet
03. [3:36] U.F.O. Catcher / Initial P
04. [3:35] Fancy Pants / Kick & Punch
05. [3:14] Wondering (Disko Warp Remix) / Thomas Howard Lichtenstein
06. [5:06] Blow My Mind (Justinb Remix) / Peroxide Mocha
07. [4:32] Lolitabot (Cusimo & Co. Speedy Mix) / Lolitabot
08. [2:56] Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Ricardo Autobahn Radio Edit) / Fright Ranger

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