Captain Jack – Back to the Dancefloor – Pre-release Info

CJBack to the Dancefloor
Artist: Captain Jack
Release Date: Spring 2010

The Captain Jack website has been updated with more details on the upcoming album, formerly known as Rewind to the 90’s.

2010 we celebrate Captain Jack’s 15th anniversary. The new album “Back to the Dancefloor” will contain DJ remixes of the greatest hits as well as new compositions in the 90’s style. It will be released in 2010 with a videoclip and a huge promotional campaign.

Also featured is a live medley of some of Captain Jack’s most popular songs. I’m really loving the new remixes of “Drill Instructor” and “Captain Jack.”

Confirmed tracks for the album include:

01. Drill Instructor
02. Soldier Soldier
03. Captain Jack
04. Saturday Night
05. Crank It Up
06. Save the World
07. People Like to Party

And for those who missed it, a few months ago AATW also released a new music video for the 2009 version of “Dream a Dream.”

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