Initial P feat. Eva Maass – Butterfly – Review

Butterfly (Single)
Release Date: 9/13/10
Price: $7.92

Initial P’s first solo single is a cover of’s legendary “Butterfly.” The single is now up for sale on iTunes for $7.92. Unfortunately, it’s available only in the US. For more info and samples, visit Disko Warp’s official site or YouTube page.

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01. [4:07] Butterfly (Initial P Main Mix)
A speedy (~180 BPM) remix of “Butterfly” with a bold take on the original melody. That is to say, it’s quite different than the original. I personally like the trancy synths, and the new instrumental melody works very well. As for the vocals, Eva is clearly a more than capable singer, but her operatic vocals lack the softer pop quality that Veronica and Nina/Malin had.

02. [4:37] Butterfly (Ricardo Autobahn’s Antibes Remix)
At around 135 BPM it’s closest to the tempo of’s version, which isn’t to say that it sounds like the original at all. Instead, it’s a club friendly number with an emphasis on bass.

03. [3:42] Butterfly (Disko Warp Stadium Blaster)
Slower than the main mix at only 160 BPM. This more closely follows’s original, and even features some koto samples. I’m still trying to figure out if some of the vuvuzela-like sounds were intentional, though. It would certainly explain the remix name.

04. [4:49] Butterfly (Ian K Remix)
Another fast remix coming in at roughly 175 BPM. Great use of the vocals, and though it can be random at times it never loses my interest.

05. [3:07] Butterfly (Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Magic Hammer)
Where’s myyyy samuraiiii?! A fantastic rock/eurobeat remix that’s just brimming with energy. The male backing vocals were an absolutely brilliant choice.

06. [3:31] Butterfly (Fighter X Arf Arf Remix)
A lively chiptune remix, not unlike the Game Boy Color DDR arrangement. It follows the original melody closely, though it does add some more flourishes. Nostalgic bliss, to be sure.

07. [3:10] Butterfly (Foxdye’s Raveplurroflwtf Remix)
I guess this can be best classified as a noise remix. It’s not really my cup of tea, unfortunately.

08. [4:22] Butterfly (JUSTiNB Remix)
The vocals have been pitched up noticeably in this remix, which comes in at around 170 BPM. There are parts of the remix that I absolutely love, but it’ll take me a few more listens to decide whether I like the main synths.

All in all, it’s a fantastic single with a ton of variety and something for everyone. It’s just a shame Chris Jay couldn’t have been brought aboard to give it a slammin’ 90’s dance remix. Speedisko 3 remix, plz? Att the very least, I’d love to hear some extended versions of some of the remixes found on the single. The DW Stadium Blaster mix and Magic Hammer remix could benefit from extended edits.

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