Pandora – Head Up High – Final Release Info

You Woke My Heart (Single)
Artist: Pandora
Release Date: 3/30/11
Price: 9,99 €

Brand new album from the Eurodance queen featuring her latest hit singles, “You Woke My Heart,” “You Believed,” and “Kitchy Kitchy” among others. The album is available on iTunes Finland but doesnt yet seem to be available anywhere else.

01. You Woke My Heart / feat. JS16
02. Ice Cream / feat. Taz
03. Head Up High
04. You Believed / feat. Matt Hewie
05. Kitchy Kitchy / feat. Bloom 06
06. Hope (Is All I Have)
07. Why feat. Stacy
08. Until The Hurt Is Gone
09. I Found Love
10. Wild Boys
11. Off the Hook
12. Turn It Over
13. Call Me
14. You Believed (Slow Piano String Version)

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