Exit Tunes presents Sekihan the Gold – Pre-release Info

Exit Tunes presents Sekihan the Gold
Artist: Sekihan
Release Date: 8/3/11
Price: 1905 yen

Second major release from Sekihan, this time featuring collaborations with other established Utatte Mita artists.

The usual bonuses apply: fake credit card, strap, smartphone sticker, clear file, and poster.

01. Panda Hero / Hachi feat. Sekihan
02. Fire Flower / halyosy feat. Sekihan
03. Shinpakusuu #0822 / Chouchou P feat. Sekihan
04. memory / 164 from 203soundworks feat. Sekihan
05. Carnival / otetsu feat. Sekihan
06. Scars / Demigra feat. Sekihan
07. Digitalism ni Okeru Hakkyou to Rinbukyoku
08. Sakurazensen Ijou Nashi / Wataru feat. Japan (Dasoku × Sekihan)
09. Iroha Uta / Ginsaku feat. Nerigohan (nero × Sekihan)
10. Eikyuu ni Tsuduku Gosenfu / Dead Ball P feat. Nantetsuhan (Yamadan × Yuge × Sekihan)
11. Bonus Stage / Owata P feat. Gohan (Gom × Sekihan)
12. Sunset Love Suicide / Machigerita feat. Chaahan (Mi-chan × Sekihan)
13. Mitei / Pokohan (Pokota × Sekihan)
14. Mitei / viperekihan (vip Tentyo × Sekihan)

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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