Exit Tunes at C80!

Quake will once again have an Exit Tunes booth at the 80th Comic Market this August, where they’ll be selling exclusive merchandise.

First up is the Exit Tunes 2011 Summer Comi Goods Set. For only 3,000 yen, you’ll get:

  • 1. Original Super Big Size Paper Bag – A super big bag to carry all of your Comiket goodies. It’s the same one they’ve been handing out since C77.
  • 2. “Hidari” Special GUMism GUMI Mousepad – A mousepad featuring the cover art from GUMism.
  • 3. Naru Nanao Special Reproduced Autograph Shikishi – Shikishi drawn and signed by Naru Nanao.
  • 4. Mikeou Special Bath Poster – A special illustration done by the artist, Mikeou, just for C80.
  • 5. Yuki Azuma Special Microfiber Cloth – A special microfiber cleaning cloth drawn by Yuki Azuma.
  • 6. Tometa Ohara (QP:flapper) Special A3 Clear Poster – A special poster illustrated by Tometa Ohara
  • 7. Ginta Special Clear File – A clear file featuring the art of Ginta

More merchandise after the jump.

For only 2,000 yen, you can get the Sekihan Summer Comi Goods Set.

  • 1. Limited Convention CD – Limited CD featuring Sekihan doing…something or other.
  • 2. Nyahan Original Pin Badge – A pin shaped like Nyahan.
  • 3. Nyahan Clear Fan – A fan shaped like Nyahan
  • 4. Nyahan Original Mousepad – A mousepad featuring Nyahan.
  • 5. Original Clear File Bag – A clear file bag for holding your goodies.
  • 6. Original Postcard – A postcard.

For 1,000 yen you can get the GUMI Mousepad & Kamui Gakupo Mousepad Set.

  • Two mousepads featuring art from recent Exit Tunes releases

Also for 1,000 yen you can snag the Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga Summer Comi Limited New Maxi Single “Stars”.

  • Maxi Single “Stars / Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga” – A new, original song from Another Infinity (Ryu* + Starving Trancer) featuring Mayumi Morinaga. No track list yet. The CD will come with a special Original Backstage Pass Sticker, which gives you access to a meet and greet event with Ryu*, Starving Trancer, and Mayumi Morinaga. The cover art is hilarious.

1,000 yen can also buy you the Anime Trance Clear File Set.

  • Anime Trance Clear File Set – A set of 5 clear files. The art will be from SATB 1, 9, 10, 12 and 13. No love for 11 I guess.

As a special limited bonus, if you purchase CDs worth 2000 yen or more at the booth, you’ll receive 3 special postcards for free. Over the course of the 3 day event they’ll also be giving away Duel Maid figure absolutely free! Overall, they seem to have a better selection of merchandise than last winter’s, though I’m disappointed there’s still no art book.

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