Utattemita Anison Speed – Final Release Info

Utattemita Anison Speed
Release Date: 7/4/12
Price: 1905 yen

Somehow I got my copy a day early. I <3 CDJapan so much. I'll get the extremely bad, yet entirely unsurprising news out of the way first: there are no new arrangements. The slightly good news is that at least this time AKBK showed some effort by increasing the tempo of some of the songs. The minimum BPM on this album is 160, and a lot of these songs were previously in the 150-155 range, so it's not a huge difference. However, many songs that were already over 160 BPM, including some that were already featured on the regular Utattemita Anison, are the same tempo as before. Sigh. The return of Dancemania Speed this is not. I’m working on a quick spreadsheet that compares the BPMs, which I’ll hopefully have up in a bit.

I will say that I enjoyed the mixing a lot, and it has my two most-loved AKBK productions ever, one right after the other. Oh, actually, I was lying about there being no new tracks. “Discotheque” is technically a new resing by Shihori. I don’t get why they didn’t just use the existing Prico version since she’s an utaite and would’ve fit perfectly. Also “We Are” is a resing of a track that originally appeared on Akiba Koubou presents Utatte Mita Collection Tsukareta Otoko.

01. [3:14] Days / Nodoame (sumijun)
02. [3:18] Discotheque / Shihori (Tks)
03. [2:44] Gekitei (Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan) / Mi->Na (Tks)
04. [4:01] Eternal Blaze / Hanatan (valle blanco)
05. [2:51] Touch / Hanatan & Yoppei (Tks)
06. [3:46] Ai ga Hitoribocchi / Yuge (DJ Command)
07. [4:00] God knows… / nayuta (DJ Command)
08. [3:56] Motteke! Sailor Fuku / Shihori (sumijun)
09. [2:49] Cha-la Head-cha-la / Satsy (DJ Command)
10. [3:06] Pre-Parade / Usa (Tks)
11. [2:38] Over the Future / Nazo no Jinbutsu K (DJ Command)
12. [2:26] Ai wo Torimodose!! / Kouhey (DJ Command)
13. [3:17] Keikenchi Joushouchuu* / Ayumi Nomiya (DJ Command)
14. [3:52] Hatena de Wasshoi / Korosuke (DJ Command)
15. [3:12] Mazinger Z / Kouhey (DJ Command)
16. [3:04] We Are / Yamadan (valle blanco)
17. [4:07] Cagayake! Girls / Nanahira (DJ Command)
18. [3:06] Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de Jump!! / Ayumi Nomiya (Tks)
19. [3:46] Fuwa Fuwa Jikan / Usa (Tks)
20. [4:44] Shinryaku no Susume / Ayumi Nomiya (DJ Command)

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