Vocaloid × V-Rock Collection – Final Release

Vocaloid × V-Rock Collection
Release Date: 9/19/12
Price: 2190 yen

A new FARM compilation featuring V-Rock covers of popular Vocaloid songs. First-press copies included a guitar pick, but CD Japan is sold out of those. The official website has more info. You can also buy the album on iTunes Japan.

01. Dye / Lolita23q
02. Ama no Jaku / Lost Ash
03. Gaichuu / Mejibray
04. Carnival / Dolly
05. Senbon Zakura / Zoro
06. Iroha Uta / Adapter
07. Torinoko City / Hana Shounen Baddies
08. Fire Flower / Dynamite Marilyn
09. Lost Story / Diaura
10. Yume Kuu Shirokuro Baku / Zuck
11. Freely Tomorrow / Wizard

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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