Exit Tunes presents Mayu – Update

Exit Tunes presents Mayu
Artist: Mayu
Release Date: 12/5/12
Price: 1905 yen

Participating artists have been revealed. In addition to the usual Vocaloid producers, there are also appearances by DJ Uto, Ryu* and Another Infinity.

New Vocaloid 3 voicebank from Exit Tunes featuring Mayu, who is presumably voiced by the one and only Mayumi Morinaga. The package comes with 2 CDs + CD-ROM. The music CDs will contain 30 tracks performed by popular Vocaloid producers, while the CD-ROM will have the Mayu voicebank. First-press copies come with a mousepad (1 of 6 designs) and cell phone strap (1 of 6 designs). You can visit the official site for more details in the future.

01. 164
02. add9 (Heli P)
03. Another Infinity
04. azuma
05. buzzG
06. cosMo @ Bousou P
07. Daisuke Ohnuma/Daifuku P
08. daniwellP
09. Dios/Signal P
10. Dixie Flatline
11. DJ Uto
12. mothy_Akuno P
13. Nem
14. Neru
15. otetsu
16. Ryu*
17. SCL Project (natsuP)
18. YM
19. yuukiss
20. Asa
21. Utata P
22. Utsu P
23. Owata P
24. Suzumu
25. Chou Chou P
26. Deadball P
27. Hitoshizuku × Yama?
28. Pinnochio P
29. Fuwari P
30. Mikito P
31. Yuchaa P

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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