Deluxe Age mix -International Custom Tune- – Pre-release Info

Deluxe Age mix -International Custom Tune-
Release Date: 3/6/13
Price: 1714 yen

The latest in the surprisingly popular Age mix series. This entry features only non-Japanese songs. Unfortunately, it’s mostly repeats yet again, although it’s kind of neat to see an old Overhead Champion remix appearing.

01. Intro feat. Antoki no Inoki
02. Gangnam Style / Straight Flush
03. Party Rock Anthem / Daiki × ZK
04. Sexy and I Know It / Daiki × ZK
05. Shots / Minimum Cox
06. Sex on the Beach / Minimum Cox
07. Samba de Janeiro / Dance Music Company
08. Mr. Saxobeat / Daiki × ZK
09. We Found Love / Daiki × ZK
10. Starship / Daiki × ZK
11. Pound the Alarm / I.T.T
12. Turn Me On / Daiki × ZK
13. Turn Up the Music / Daiki × ZK
14. Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) / Daiki × ZK
15. Call Me Maybe / Drop2bass
16. Good Time / Minimum Cox
17. The Edge of Glory (Minimum Cox Remix) / Anya Tru
18. Wild Ones / Beatek
19. Hangover / Threemason
20. Whistle / AuraTribe
21. Get It Started / Jewel
22. Back in Time / Daiki × ZK
23. All My People / Straight Flush
24. International Love (Tiger Beat Remix) / M.T Sound
25. Ai Se Eu Te Pego / Ninja-G
26. Payphone / Ninja-G
27. Super Bass / Betty Duck
28. Boom Boom Pow / Jumping Frog
29. Born This Way (Jumping Frog Remix) / D’Mixmasters
30. What The Hell / Jumping Frog
31. Thriller / Jumping Frog
32. Tubthumping / Hi-End Attack
33. How Gee / Sex Mashine
34. Heaven Is a Place on Earth (Overhead Champion Remix) / Spinderella
35. Jump / Straight Flush
36. September / Chris & Toris
37. I Believe in Miracles / I.T.T
38. You Gotta Be / Threemason
39. The Sign / Threemason
40. Wanna Be / Threemason

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3 Responses

  1. Doc-S Says:

    Has Overhead Champion or Delaction ect made anything new in the past year or so?

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    Technically, yes. OHC, 4 Skips and Floorbreaker all appeared on Koda Kumi’s Beach Mix last year, but they all produced house remixes instead of trance.

    I believe Delaction haven’t produced a track for an album since Mega Trance 11. However, DJ Hibiki was still messing around on Soundcloud as recently as 2012. Check out his take on Happy Birthday, which I’m totally playing my next birthday:

    Hmm, if people are interested maybe I could do a series of posts on what former J-Trance and Exit Trance producers are up to nowadays. I admittedly haven’t been keeping tabs on all of them, so it’d be fun to see what they’re up to. For a while a lot of them were doing piano/electro house, but the recent EDM boom has meant a return to a bit of a trancier sound.

  3. Doc-S Says:

    I saw the Beach album, but house isn’t my thing really.

    Well it’s nice some activity still, even if it’s just something on Soundcloud. Nice mix too.

    It would nice to see who’s still active and what they’re working on. I know a few Twitter accounts of Exit Trance artists but that isn’t much to go by if you can’t read much of it. N.O.-SYO has a blog to keep up with a little easier I guess.
    All I know at the moment is that Starving Trancer is now a vocaloid producer with a new alias and MK, Hommarju, B.U.S and Dizzi Mystica are doing doujin/original works.

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