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Give It Up 2013 (Single)
Artist: Captain Jack
Release Date: 4/22/13

Captain Jack is back with another update of a classic CJ song, this time with lots of new remixes of “Give It Up.” Remixers include Ace da Brain, Marc Reason, Black$$star, Damon Paul, and many others. Captain Jack also has yet another new female vocalist, Michelle Stanley, who replaces Laura Martin after 3 years. The official Captain Jack website also has a new design, though there’s not much there yet.

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01. [3:43] Give It Up (Ace da Brain Radiomix)
02. [5:28] Give It Up (Ace da Brain Remix)
03. [3:20] Give It Up (Marc Reason Radiomix)
04. [4:36] Give It Up (Marc Reason Remix)
05. [4:28] Give It Up (Phleck Dirty Remix)
06. [6:01] Give It Up (Hitfinders Klupp Remix)
07. [3:31] Give It Up (Strange Kingdom Radiomix)
08. [4:01] Give It Up (Strange Kingdom Remix)
09. [3:26] Give It Up (Black$$tar Radiomix)
10. [5:22] Give It Up (Black$$tar Remix)
11. [5:58] Give It Up (Nysted Remix)
12. [3:07] Give It Up (Damon Paul Radiomix)
13. [5:25] Give It Up (Damon Paul Remix)
14. [4:37] Give It Up (Alpha Nic Remix)
15. [4:43] Give It Up (Vincent Ventura Remix)
16. [5:22] Give It Up (DJ Ti-S Remix)
17. [6:18] Give It Up (Keith Kamper Remix)
18. [5:46] Give It Up (H.@.P.P.Y Tunez Project Remix)

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