Jouhou Shoribu – Say No! (Single) – Final Release Info

Say No! (Single)
Artist: Jouhou Shoribu (Rumi Okubo, Minami Tsuda, Risa Taneda)
Release Date: 4/17/13
Price: 1238 yen (CD+DVD Edition) or 952 yen (CD Only Edition)

Single for the OP theme of the anime, “Yuyushiki.” The opening theme is produced by the Vocaloid producer, Fuwari P, and the single will be released by the Exit Tunes label in both a CD only edition as well as a CD+DVD version. The DVD will contain videos for the opening theme and other songs from the single. Quite a few bonus tracks are included, the most notable ones for me being DJ Uto and Ryu* remixes. You can visit the official website for more info.

01. [4:34] Say No!
02. [3:44] Affection / Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga
03. [3:59] Setsunairo
Bonus Track
04. [4:34] Say No! / Fuwari P feat. Mayu
05. [3:43] Affection / 164 feat. Mayu
06. [3:59] Setsunairo / azuma feat. Mayu
07. [2:57] Say No! (164 Arrange)
08. [3:40] Say No! (Deadball P Arrange)
09. [3:46] Affection (Asa Arrange)
10. [3:48] Affection (add9 (Heli P) Arrange)
11. [5:12] Setsunairo (DJ Uto Remix)
12. [3:14] Setsunairo (Ryu* Remix)
13. [4:35] Say No! (Original Karaoke)
14. [3:44] Affection (Original Karaoke)
15. [3:57] Setsunairo (Original Karaoke)
16. [4:20] Say No! (A Cappella)
17. [3:39] Affection (A Cappella)
18. [3:45] Setsunairo (A Cappella)
01. Say No! PV Eizou
02. Say No! CM Eizou
03. Jouhou Shoribu (Rumi Okubo, Minami Tsuda, Risa Taneda) Tokuten Eizou Zadankai

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