Captain Jack – The 90s Mega Party – Digital Downloads

The 90s Mega Party
Artist: Captain Jack
Release Date: 5/3/13

“New” album from Captain Jack, though it’s really just another greatest hits collection including some of the new remixes that have come out in recent years.

Available on Amazon as well as other online retailers.

01. Mission Complete (Intro)
02. Captain Jack (Short Mix)
03. Drill Instructor (Short Mix)
04. Soldier Soldier (Short Summer Mix)
05. Give It Up (Ace da Brain Radiomix)
06. Iko Iko
07. Centerfold
08. Little Boy (Radio Mix)
09. Dream a Dream (Radio Mix)
10. Volare
11. Captain Jack 2010 (Ace Da Brain Remix)
12. Drill Instructor (Remix 2010)
13. Soldier Soldier (Remix 2010)
14. Give It Up (Marc Reason Remix)
15. Dream a Dream (Cheeky Trax UK Remix)

2 Responses

  1. Saulo Says:

    I’m sorry for the off-topic question, but I could not find any especific area to do this, so I thought it could be here, since it is also related to a dancemania artist.

    Last month, I noticed it was finally released Bye Bye Baby Balloon single performed by JOGA. It has been ten years since I knew this song from Dance Dance Revolution.

    I was so excited to hear the second part of the song which is:
    “Nothing lost forever
    In this world
    And I thought I’ve found
    My love, I was wrong

    Sweet memory
    Inside my mind
    I need to know
    That I remember when”

    Although I got astonished because there wasn’t. Even in the extended version!
    I have no idea why this happened, since that second stanza was in Dancemania 20 booklet.

    Is there any possibility the song (with the second part) is lost? So they released that song just like Dancemania did, including just some instrumental parts in order to make it longer.

    I know you are either not responsible for this or the person who has the answer. But I thought I could share this with you, since you are an expert about dancemania series. So it could be an excellent way to discuss.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for bothering!

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    Oooh, interesting, I didn’t even realize the booklet listed an extra verse. Your guess is as good as mine. Either they lost the original recording or they never recorded the other lyrics in the first place. 🙁

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