TV Anime “Yuyushiki” Character Song Album Ichigenme! – Final Release Info

TV Anime “Yuyushiki” Character Song Album Ichigenme!
Artist: Jouhou Shoribu (Rumi Okubo, Minami Tsuda, Risa Taneda)
Release Date: 7/17/13
Price: 2381 yen (CD+DVD Edition) or 1905 yen (CD Only Edition)

Another Exit Tunes tie-in with the TV anime, “Yuyushiki.” Features character theme songs composed and produced by top Vocaloid and Exit Tunes producers. Also features remixes by DJ Uto and Ryu*. The album comes in both a CD only version as well as a CD+DVD set. Bonus items for the CD Only version include a rubber character strap (1 of 7 designs) and mouse pad. Both versions come with a clear file (if you send in the postcard survey), and B2-size poster. If you buy all 3 Yuyushiki-related CDs, you can get a special pass case.

You can visit the official website for more info on the anime.

01. [4:33] Say No! / Fuwari P
02. [3:27] Miracle Fancy / Lamaze P
03. [3:59] Toki Doki Mani Mani / Another Infinity
04. [3:13] Kore wa Yuyushiki Jitai desu! ~Honto wa Honto wa…Nano~ / SCL Project
05. [3:38] Yuru Buratto Ikou / Otsu P
06. [3:58] friends / Asa
07. [3:51] Miagete Mireba / Dead Ball P
08. [3:46] Oyasumi no Machi / 164
09. [4:04] Watashi wa Sou Kanjita / Lamaze P
10. [3:40] Soyokaze Monologue / Heli P
11. [3:57] Setsunairo / Another Infinity
12. [3:30] Souiu Kuraino. / daniwell P
13. [4:09] Watashitachi no Kizuna / azuma
14. [4:14] Kimi no Namae wa Giri no Hito / YM
15. [4:08] Lady go!! / Hitoshizuku × Yama?
16. [3:43] Affection / Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga
Bonus Tracks
17. [4:57] Say No! (DJ Uto Remix)
18. [3:17] Miracle Fancy (Ryu* Remix)
19. [3:56] Iaru Fan Club / Mikito P
20. [1:03] Nan Tsuttettsu Chatta / Jouhou Shoribu
01. Say No! (TV Anime “Yuyushiki” Opening Theme) Non-Telop Eizou
02. Say No! (TV Anime “Yuyushiki” Ending Theme) Non-Telop Eizou
03. TV Anime “Yuyushiki” CM Eizou Shuu (Yaku 10 Pattern)

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