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Update (10/4/13): Finished extracting data from Saifam’s site for the SPE catalogue. I’ve placed the raw data in some spreadsheets if anyone is interested in them. From 1-171, the only ones missing from Saifam’s catalogue were SPE 147 and 150. Next I’ll write the code to extract data from Juno.

Update (10/3/13): Okay, my code to extract the data from Saifam’s site is done. I’ve whipped up a little test page as a proof of concept, which you can check out here: Feel free to play around with it, though right now it takes the data from Saifam’s site, so don’t use it too much, lol. The next step will be to collect all of the data and store it on my server’s database, then code the pages that will search for and display the data. After that I’ll move on to getting data from Juno.

I’ll take any suggestions for any other info people may want to see displayed. I’ll probably add “Original Artist” and “Release Date” in the future, but can’t think of what else may be useful. Oh, one important thing I should mention. I personally don’t like ALL CAPS song artists/titles, so everything will be properly capitalized when it appears on the final site. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll allow for the original capitalizations to be displayed.

Original Post:
The 15th anniversary of the Dancemania Speed series passed by last week, and I wanted to celebrate it since Universal apparently aren’t going to do it. I recently got bit by the programming bug again so I’ve have been playing around with extracting info from Saifam’s online catalogue. They have a very well-designed database, but unfortunately it hasn’t been updated much since they started using Juno Downloads to release tracks. The last SPE track I could find using their database was SPE 171, even though on Juno they’re already up to SPE 235.

My current goal is to gather information from both Saifam’s catalogue as well as Juno in order to create a unified, easily searchable database for SPEED tracks. For instance, you’d be able to click on an artist’s name and instantly bring up a list of other songs by the artist, then be able to sort by BPM, length, etc. It’d be similar to the excellent databases at Eurobeat Prime or Dance Groove, but organized a bit differently.

Right now I have these basic fields in mind:

Track Artist
Track Title
Track Number
Catalogue Number
Track Length

First of all, would there be interest in such a database? If so, what kind of features would you like to be included? I was thinking of adding an “Original Artist” field to list whose song is being covered where applicable, but I’d need help with the research.

Also, a small confession: I’ve had a similar database set up locally for years that includes Dancemania, Mega Trance, Speed Anime Trance, and basically everything I’ve covered over the years. I use it often for research purposes, such as to see the last time certain Exit Trance artists have appeared.

I’ve been a bit too busy/lazy to finish it up for online use, so I’m using a potential SPEED database to gauge interest and see if I just have the motivation necessary to put my main database online. Although, even if I pull off the SPEED database, I’d probably move on to Interdance or LED next.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, especially if you’re interested in lending a hand.

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  1. Vincent Says:

    I would be interested helping 🙂 it would be good to have a another field for “Year released”.

    I’m also doing a project cataloging all of SAIFAM’s songs it is a bit of tedious work. Since it’s pretty hard to find the really old songs and going through all the songs (up to now it is SAI 2656 and I’ve done SAI 1800 up, also some of the them are also missing songs).

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    Ah, yeah, date or year of release would be good to have. Some of them may have to be estimated, though, since Saifam don’t always list them.

    And thanks for the offer. ^_^ Again, I think what I’ll need help with most is finding out the origins of the cover songs. I’ll either send you a spreadsheet and ask you to help fill in that info, or come up with something that will allow you to do it online.

    As for the SAI catalogue, I’m fairly sure almost every track from 001-2273 can be found on Saifam’s database by manipulating URLs. For main Saifam tracks, just take this base url and change the number after “CODE” to 001-2273:

    I’m currently writing a script that will be able to go through the numbers and extract the data automatically.

  3. Vincent Says:

    Oddly enough the last Saifam #2273 is also the last song they uploaded on their “Downloads” website which I think they have forgotten about that site.

  4. DanceMaster Says:

    Yup, one of the reasons I’m doing this is because they already shut down their Downloads site and I’m worried they’ll get rid of what’s left of their e-catalogue in the future since everything’s being released through Juno now.

  5. Vincent Says:

    I don’t think they will shut down the main site as they still have meechanise such as tshirts, bags and keyrings. Also the main site let you buy albums.

  6. Vincent Says:

    I’ve done a fair bit of cataloging for most of the SAI songs which I can help out with. I’m now just going through SAIFAM’s site retrieving most of the older releases.

  7. DanceMaster Says:

    Yes, if you happen to have it in spreadsheet or csv form it would be very helpful. It could help fill in any holes.

  8. Vincent Nguyen Says:

    I’m almost halfway done cataloging the Saifam songs now i need to do SAI 1500 and under. I should be finished in 2 weeks or so doing it.

  9. Johney Says:

    This catalogue is really handy. Appreciate for all the hard works you guys have done. 🙂

    P.S. btw, I have sent you an email DanceMaster. Did you receive the email?

  10. Vincent Says:

    Does any know you does the original remix of Let Me Love You by Lawrence?

    I contacted Yes! Music concerning why the chorus is only used and they said it is a remake of a DJ remix but they don’t remember the DJ.

  11. DanceMaster Says:

    Hmm, all I can find is the “Pier Mix.” Do they mean that they just remixed an existing cover?

  12. Vincent Says:

    Yes that what I mean they are remixing a remix.

  13. DanceMaster Says:

    Interesting. I checked the Power Music cover since they’ve collaborated in the past, but the vocals sound different. I have no idea where the original came from.

  14. Vincent Says:

    So I found out that the D.C. Remixes from Saifam are kinda of like mashups. For example Kate Project – Roar (D.C. Remix) uses the instrumental of Get Lucky and Hanna – Stay (D.C. Remix) uses the instrumental of Noize Criminal – Put Your Hands Up.

    There are two remixes that I’m trying to find where the instrumentals comes from. They are Heartclub – Beam Me Up (D.C. Remix) and Lawrence – Marry Me (D.C. Remix). I tried contacting Saifam but no reply yet.

  15. Vincent Says:

    I’ve found all the songs which the instrumental parts of the “D.C Remixes” from. and here they are if anyone is interested.

    Happy (D.C. Remix) / NTT Mercy (Dance Remix)
    Counting Stars (D.C. Remix) / Alybabar – Gold Day (Extended)
    Royals (D.C. Remix) / MC Ya – Getting Nasy (A.R. Remix)
    Fancy (D.C. Remix) / Niko Noise – Visions
    Cruise (D.C. Remix) / Dominic & Andy Asher feat. Morgana – Dance To the Beat (Original Mix)
    Stay (D.C. Remix) / Noize Criminal – Put YOur Hands Up (Original Mix)
    Beam Me Up (D.C. Remix) / Noize Crimial – Put Your Hands Up (Club Mix)
    Stop Sign (D.C. Remix) / Luca Fregonese & The Funkers – The Beat
    Little Talks (D.C. Remix) / Alexander Faint – It’s Time To Funk (DJ Global Byte Mix)
    Radioactive (D.C. Remix) / Mastik Lickers feat. Fabio Amoroso – Find You (Stefano Iezzi
    Roar (D.C. Remix) / Groovy 69 – Get Lucky (A.R. Remix)
    Safe and Sound (D.C. Remix) / 4 Faces feat. Marcus Pearson – I Need It (Original Extended)
    Let It Go (D.C. Remix) / Radiorama – Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Factory Team Mix)
    Marry Me (D.C. Remix) / DJ Sinatra feat. Adam Clay – Bit By Bit (Original Extended Mix)

  16. DanceMaster Says:

    Cool info. If I can ever get off my ass and finish this database I’ll be certain to use it and credit you.

  17. Vincent Says:

    Two new D.C. remixes.
    Are You Go Gonna Be My Girl (D.C. Remix). The instrumental sound strangely familiar to me. Not sure where I heard it from.

    And All About That Bass (D.C. Remix) which it probably its own remix where the instrumental part doesn’t comes from another song.

    Though they are not officially released yet they can be heard on Yes! Fitness Music website where they myMixes are.

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