Meganimation * Anison Party Mix! – Final Release Info

Meganimation * Anison Party Mix! mixed by DJ Kenzi
Release Date: 10/9/13 (9/18/13 Tsutaya Rental, 9/25/13 iTunes)
Price: 1700 yen

A new anison compilation from Star Music. Features covers by a variety of DJs, including former Mega Trance producers, Threemason (DJ U*Hey?) and Jack Clavia (DJ Minagawa). Previously available only for rental at Tsutaya, but now available for purchase on other retailers like Tower Records or Amazon Japan. I’ve been keeping an eye out for full versions on iTunes, but nothing so far.

01. Sparkling Daydream / DJ Kenzi vs. Jack Clavia feat. Tokika
02. Yasashii no Riyuu / DJ Uraken feat. Hotaru
03. Little Busters! / DJ Kenzi vs. Jack Clavia feat. Sae Tsukiyama
04. Shoot! / d-tunes feat. Sae Tsukiyama
05. Over the Future / Threemason feat. Tokika
06. Straight Jet / Threefold feat. Hotaru
07. Choose me Darling / DJ Seven feat. Tokika
08. Girlish Lover / Route 73 feat. Cherica
09. Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos / yuxx feat. Tokika
10. High Powered / Physical8Logic feat. Cherica
11. Discotheque / Threemason feat. Tokika
12. Eternal Blaze / DJ Kenzi vs. Jack Clavia feat. Tokika
13. Reason why XXX / Dub-low7 feat. Tokika
14. Realization / DJ Uraken feat. Kalon.
15. Link / DJ Seven feat. Cherica
16. Kagerou ~kagerou~ / DJ Kenzi feat. Emii
17. Scarlet Ballet / d-tunes feat. Tokika
18. No buts! / DJ Kenzi feat. Hotaru
19. Hishoku no Sora / DJ Kenzi feat. Hotaru
20. Days of Dash / DJ Urakeni feat. Hotaru

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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