Dance! Dance!! Dance!!! – Digital Downloads

Dance! Dance!! Dance!!! mixed by DJ Satoshi
Release Date: 9/4/13 (7/13/13 Tsutaya)
Price: 4950 yen

I’ve been begging for full versions from this album to be made available, mostly for Delaction’s new arrangement of “Butterfly” as well as Threemason’s covers of other Dancemania classics. The other day, Doc-S mentioned a site ( that sells prepaid cards in the comments. I was surprised to see that they also sold Recochoku prepaid cards, so I went to Recochoku to see if they had anything worth purchasing and was even more surprised to find that they had full versions from this album! The edit of “Butterfly” is 4:40, about 2 minutes longer than the edits that it’s been given on nonstop mixes.

The only downsides (or possibly upsides) are that you can only purchase the tracks individually, and the digital edition only has 33 out of 35 songs from the CD. If you buy all 33 tracks at 150 yen, it’s 4950 for the whole album. However, if you’re only interested in the new Delaction and Threemason productions, it’s 1950 yen for the 13 tracks.

01. [4:20] Dub I Dub (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
02. [4:41] Butterfly / Delaction
03. [4:00] Hero (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
04. [5:11] Scatman (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
05. [3:28] Doop (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
06. [3:49] Santa Maria (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
07. [4:53] So What (SME ReMaster Ver) / Starlet
08. [4:17] Tubthumping (SME ReMaster Ver) / Power Music
09. [4:44] Jump (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
10. [3:22] Gentleman (SME ReMaster Ver) / Chani
11. [5:20] That’s the Way (SME ReMaster Ver) / d’Macy
12. [3:43] I Want You Back (SME ReMaster Ver) / Hysteria
13. [4:49] Let’s Groove (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
14. [3:54] September (SME ReMaster Ver) / Power Music
15. [4:42] Dancing Queen (SME ReMaster Ver) / Sache
16. [3:46] We Will Rock You (SME ReMaster Ver) / Love Freak
17. [3:53] Live While We’re Young / Junior Torrey
18. [3:59] What Makes You Beautiful / Junior Torrey
19. [3:48] sk8er boi (SME ReMaster Ver) / Power Music
20. [4:13] Want U Back (SME ReMaster Ver) / Fringe
21. [3:22] The Sign (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
22. [4:54] Stayin’ Alive (SME ReMaster Ver) / Jimmy Rep
23. [4:10] Let It Rock (SME ReMaster Ver) / Chani & G.G.
24. [4:26] We Are Young (SME ReMaster Ver) / Dr. Pack
25. [3:22] Tonight Tonight (SME ReMaster Ver) / Hawk Eye
26. [3:26] Wannabe (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
27. [4:04] Party in the U.S.A. (SME ReMaster Ver) / Fringe
28. [4:32] Forget You / DB Sound
29. [4:33] New York City Boy (SME ReMaster Ver) / Power Music
30. [5:30] One More Time (SME ReMaster Ver) / d’Macy
31. [6:17] Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
32. [3:25] Here’s to Never Growing Up (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason
33. [3:38] Everythings Gonna Be Alright (SME ReMaster Ver) / Threemason

Pre-order at CDJapan.

3 Responses

  1. Vincent Says:

    Do you need to be a Japanese resident to buy things off Recochoku.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know for sure if they check IPs. One forum implies that making an account isn’t a problem. You just have to rely on prepaid cards because they don’t accept foreign credit cards.

  3. Doc-S Says:

    All I know is they offer WMA format.

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