Gekkan eta Vol. 07 – Final Release Info

Gekkan eta Vol. 07
Release Date: 11/6/13
Price: ??? yen

A new monthly series from Exit Tunes, featuring songs from the Exit Tunes Academy tour. The CDs will only be available for rental at Tsutaya. Visit the official website for more info on the series. Vol. 07 features an exclusive track from Sekihan × Mikito P and a special message from Fuwari P. I believe Glutamine is illustrated on the cover.

01. Rokuchou Nen to Ichiya Monogatari / kemu feat. Glutamine
02. Sora e Drive / Glutamine
03. Gensou Uragiri Love Dictator / Glutamine
04. Over Technology / YM
05. True / yukkedoluce feat. Sui
06. Dorobou Night Trick / Yucha P feat. Ryokun
07. Hatsukoi Gakuen·Junai Ka / Nem
08. Yuudachi no Ribbon / Mikito P feat. Mayu
09. Kunoichi Demo Koi ga Shitai / Mikito P
10. Boku wa Hatsune Miku to Kiss o Shita / Mikito P
11. Shabadiba / Fuwari P
12. Yume no Katachi / Fuwari P
13. Gekkan eta radio / Sekihan × Mikito P
14. Fuwari P no Kyou no Matome 1 / Fuwari P

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